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Subject: Wallet basics
Os info: Windows 2008
Oracle info:
Message: I have the oracle primavera application connecting to an
oracle database. (It's a scheduling tool).
I have been tasked by management to install TDE on the database.
I've read over the oracle support notes and understand what I need to
do to create a new encrypted tablespace and export the data back into
it. What I am wondering is how in the information in the wallets used ?
Is this something the application has to deal with in their code ? When
I login into the database using the command line or sql developer will
I have additional steps or passwords to use in doing so ?
I haven't found any information about this and appreciate any high
level information you can provide.
Thank you

Subject: Re: Wallet basics
>>> I haven't found any information about this
I'm really surprised you didn't find anything when you get many links
just typing TDE in the Oracle documentation search field.
7th link: "Configuring Transparent Data Encryption"
And all the PART I of Database Advanced Security Guide is about TDE:
"Using Transparent Data Encryption".

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