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The_Voice 2016-01-30
The_Voice 2016
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The Voice may refer to:


The Voice (EP), a 1994 EP by Vicious Rumors
The Voice (Bobby McFerrin album), a 1984 album by Bobby McFerrin
The Voice (Russell Watson album), a 2001 album by Russell Watson
The Voice (Vusi Mahlasela album), a 2003 album by Vusi Mahlasela
The Voice (Mike Jones album), a 2009 album by Mike Jones
The Voice (Mavis Staples album)
The Voice (Kokia album)
The Voice, an album by David Phelps (musician)
The Voice, an album by Brenda Cochrane
The Voice of Frank Sinatra, a Frank Sinatra album

"The Voice" (The Moody Blues song), a 1981 song by The Moody Blues
"The Voice" (Ultravox song), a 1981 song by Ultravox
"The Voice" (Eimear Quinn song), winner of the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest

Radio and television
The Voice (TV series), a vocal talent competition TV show; the original Dutch series began in 2010
Netherlands: The Voice of Holland (original)
Albania: The Voice of Albania
Arab world: The Voice Ahla Sawt
Argentina: La Voz... Argentina
Armenia: The Voice of Armenia
Australia: The Voice
The Voice Belgique
The Voice van Vlaanderen

Brazil: The Voice Brasil
Bulgaria: Glasat na Bulgaria
Cambodia: The Voice Cambodia
Canada : La Voix
Colombia: La Voz Colombia
Chile: The Voice Chile
China: The Voice of China
Croatia: The Voice - Najljepši glas Hrvatske
Czech Republic: Hlas ÄŒesko Slovenska (in co-production with Slovakia)
Denmark: Voice â€" Danmarks største stemme
Finland: The Voice of Finland
France: The Voice: la plus belle voix
Georgia: The Voice of Georgia
Germany: The Voice of Germany
Greece and Cyprus: The Voice of Greece
Hungary: The Voice â€" Magyarország hangja
Indonesia: The Voice Indonesia
Ireland: The Voice of Ireland
Israel: The Voice Israel
Italy: The Voice of Italy
Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Dauysy (Қазақстан Ð"ауÑ&lsqauo;сÑ&lsqauo;))
Mexico: La Voz... México
Norway: The Voice â€" Norges beste stemme
Peru: La Voz Perú
Philippines: The Voice of the Philippines
Poland: The Voice of Poland
Portugal: A Voz de Portugal
Romania: Vocea României
Russia: Golos
South Korea: The Voice of Korea
Spain: La Voz
Sweden: The Voice Sverige
Thailand: The Voice Thailand
Turkey: O Ses Türkiye
Ukraine: Holos Krayiny
United Kingdom: The Voice UK
United States: The Voice (U.S. TV series)
Vietnam: The Voice of Vietnam

The Voice of Long Island, a New York radio program hosted by Eric Corley
The Voice (Hong Kong), a reality show singing competition (not part of The Voice franchise)
"The Voice" (Seinfeld), an episode of the NBC sitcom
"The Voice", an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball
The Voice, a character on the American television series Cleopatra 2525

Broadcast stations
Radio and television networks owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Media (formally SBS Broadcasting):
The Voice Hiphop & RnB Sweden
The Voice Hiphop & RnB Norway
The Voice TV Denmark
The Voice TV Finland
The Voice TV Norway
The Voice TV Sweden
The Voice TV Bulgaria

The Voice (North Devon) a UK radio station

The Voice (1992 film), a 1992 French film
The Voice (2010 film), a 2010 Turkish horror film
The Voice, a film on Christian and Muslim fundamentalism by Johan Söderberg
The Voices (film), an upcoming film

Books, newspapers and other publications
The Voice (Bible translation), a translation of the Bible produced by "The Voice Project"
Voice (newspaper group), a suburban Chicago newspaper group
The Voice, the newspaper published by Winnipeg Labour Party, Canada
The Voice (newspaper), published in the UK
The Voice, the official newspaper of the Zimbabwe African National Union â€" Patriotic Front
The Voice (Botswana), a newspaper of Botswana
The Voice, the official publication of Chorus America
The Voice Magazine, an Athabasca University student publication
The Voice (a.k.a. The Emory Voice), a defunct Emory University student publication which focused on politics and world events
The informal name given to the Dallas Voice, a GLBT-themed newspaper published in Dallas, Texas
The informal name given to The Village Voice, a newspaper published in New York City
The informal name given to The Georgetown Voice, a student-run weekly campus newsmagazine at Georgetown University
La Voce, the official newsletter of the Vibgyor High Model United Nations, Munbai, India
Presence (DC Comics) or The Voice, a DC Comics fictional representation of the Judeo-Christian deity
The Voice, a vocal mind-control technique employed by the fictional Bene Gesserit sisterhood in the Dune novels by Frank Herbert
"The Voice", a story featuring The Shadow
The "Thu'um", a form of magic used by dragons, as well as a few humans, in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

"The Voice" is an informal nickname used for multiple singers, actors, and announcers, including:
Whitney Houston
Mariah Carey
Frank Sinatra
Vern Gosdin
Paul Rodgers
Steve Perry
Sandi Patty
Lenny Zakatek
Alan Rickman
James Earl Jones
Tom Jones (referred to as such by Elvis Presley)
Roger Huston (harness race caller)

The vOICe, an auditory vision substitution system

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