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Artur_Fischer 2016-01-30
Artur_Fischer 2016
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Artur Fischer (31 December 1919 â€" 27 January 2016) was a German inventor.
Born in Tumlingen, Black Forest, Germany, he registered his first patent in 1949 for a Photo Flash Light, with synchronised trigger. From 1957 he concentrated more on fixing elements.
He invented flash light photography as he saw an issue with the previously used magnesium flash. Stories say that he wanted to have pictures taken and the photographer denied as the magnesium could have enflamed the wooden roof.

Wall plugEdit
His most famous invention is the grey "S Plug" (Split-)Wallplug made from plastic materials (Polyamide) and is available in various shapes and sizes since 1958 (see dowel). He held over 1100 patents and overtook Thomas Alva Edison, who held 1093 patents. Fischer also held 5867 trade rights and invented fischertechnik.
Further inventions are (bone-)plugs for fixing bone fractures and - his latest idea - biodegradable and edible children's toys from potato starch/corn starch.

Helmut Engisch / Michael Zerhusen: Die Fischers: Eine schwäbische Dübel-Dynastie. Theiss, ISBN 3-8062-1341-0

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